5 Fantastic Beasts Characters The Sequels Need To Show More Love For

Uh… The Actual Fantastic Beasts

This point is an extension of the Newt Scamander point in a lot of ways, because when we look ahead to where the franchise is going, it seems to be caught between two ideas here. A fantastical tale about an awkward man and the beasts he finds and saves around the world, and a ruthless and dangerous battle between two wizards following an intense young romance. Fantastic Beasts is going with both options, with the first movie focusing on the first idea and the sequel dealing with the other. But still, it’s called Fantastic Beasts. And while these creatures were present in both movies, it’s beginning to feel like that’s not what the movies should be called. The point being, can we put at least some of the spotlight back on these amazing creatures, if not the majority of it?

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