8 Best Battles Between Marvel Heroes (Yes, That Includes Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool)

Tony Stark Vs. James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Iron Man 2)

In Iron Man 2, Tony Stark thinks he’s going to die, and since he’s not quite the full-blown hero we see in later MCU movies, he gets ripped drunk and throws a penthouse party in the Iron Man suit. After embarrassing Pepper Potts and Rhodey, the latter of the two decides to do something about it. Though I question Rhodes not being able to effectively overtake a drunk Stark, I do appreciate the overall chaotic nature of their club brawl, which features some pretty great tunes from Daft Punk, Rob Base, and DJ E-Z Rock. It certainly took two to make this fight alright, and while the movie isn’t the best the MCU has to offer, this scene makes the whole experience out of sight.

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