Who is Martian Manhunter? Everything You Need To Know Before Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Martian Manhunter Is Packing Some Serious Superpowers, And Weaknesses

Martian Manhunter has an awesome set of superpowers that usually make him one of the stronger Justice League members. He’s got some of the usual grab bag of powers including flight and super strength, but where he really gets cool are some of his more unique Martian powers. His coolest power is his ability to shape shift. In fact his green domed appearance isn’t even his actual appearance, it’s one he puts on so humans can be more comfortable with his Martian Look.

Besides using this to change his appearance (including his human alter-ego John Jones), Martian Manhunter uses this ability to grow extra limbs, stretch himself, or create weapons, T-1000 style. He’s also one of the strongest telepaths, capable of both reading and controlling people’s minds. This hasn’t always been a positive for him. Check out this panel from Kingdom Come, an alternate universe story where his powers caused his mind to break, rendering him broken and helpless.

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