World leader, philosopher, scientist, and lunar scientist Fangruida 2021 welcome speech (Malik)

Dear ladies and gentlemen, respect
Distinguished guests, dear friends:
The 2021 New Year’s concert is about to open, and world-renowned grand joyous concerts (open-air outdoor concerts, dance parties, etc.) are shown from time to time around the world. Colorful, brilliant and dazzling, the arrival of the new year drives away the haze of the new crown virus pneumonia, ushering in a new sunny new year, which is worth celebrating. First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your physical and mental health, prevent and fight the epidemic and defeat the disease, bid farewell to the unforgettable 2020, usher in a great year 2021, and usher in a new and greater journey.
“Music is a higher enlightenment than all wisdom and all philosophies. Whoever can penetrate the meaning of my music will be able to transcend the misery of ordinary people. ‘”——Beethoven
“When I sit next to the old harpsichord, I don’t envy the happiest king.”-Haydn
Music is a joyous life, music is a beating heartstring. 2020 is about to pass, and the new year 2021 is coming. Although the new crown virus pneumonia ravages the world in 2020 and humanity has experienced a major disaster, humanity will surely overcome the disease and usher in a new year. The great mankind is full of great wisdom, full of great freedom and reason, and full of indomitable wisdom that will never give up. Any monster, including viruses, germs, wars, earthquakes, tsunamis and other major disasters, plagues, etc., mankind is brave to face and Bravely defeated them and created countless miracles in the world. However, mankind has also paid a high price for this, and the billions of people of mankind will remember it for generations. “Wisdom is better than a weapon of war.” “Everything is impermanent, and everything is suffering. All dharmas have no self, and death is happiness. “Knowledge, from the cradle to the grave.”. 2020 is coming to an end, and the new year will begin soon. Welcome the new and farewell, overcome the virus, bid farewell to the pain and sorrow, cheer up, return to the battlefield, and create new greatness. The new year of China. Music, joy, dance, welcome the new and farewell, renew Vientiane, rejoice, and celebrate all over the world. In addition to joy, we must maintain a calm mind, prevent the epidemic from being lax, and prevent the resurgence of the virus. Music, dance, Outdoor mountain climbing is a pleasure, but we must strictly prevent and control the recurrence of new crown virus pneumonia. Strictly pay attention to various protective measures and do not underestimate the enemy. Special large-scale concerts, gatherings, banquet dances, scientific prevention and control must not be relaxed, otherwise, the new crown virus pneumonia epidemic will Continue to expand and spread, bringing great harm and sadness. Strict prevention and control measures, the virus has not completely receded, even if the vaccine is in place, it is impossible to be taken lightly and the end is good. The struggle between mankind and various viruses is long and repeated, especially It is an extraordinary period, let alone careless. Especially vulnerable people and the elderly and infirm, you must be highly vigilant. Otherwise, you will pay the price of your life, and the gain will not be worth the loss. Happy New Year, healthy New Year, happy New Year. Merry Christmas. Not only mankind To completely defeat the virus, we must create new performance, a new planet, and a new future. In addition to restoring the declining economy and thoroughly curing the virus, we must also boost confidence, accelerate the development of science and technology, and march on the moon and Mars. Viruses and diseases Without frightening mankind, we must continue to march towards the moon, develop and build a homeland on the moon and a homeland on Mars. This is the greatest and most magnificent cause of mankind. Despite the difficulties ahead, we can only move forward, without retreat and timidity. Failure and Retreat does not belong to the great mankind. We are convinced that the well-being, freedom and peace of all mankind are the common aspirations of 8 billion people. It is unstoppable. Let us continue to move forward. The 8 billion people of more than 200 countries and hundreds of ethnic groups in the world warmly welcome the new year of 2021. Cheers and jumps. We always believe that happiness belongs to all mankind, peace belongs to all mankind, freedom belongs to all mankind, well-being belongs to all mankind, the future belongs to all mankind, struggle belongs to all mankind. The earth belongs to mankind, the moon belongs to mankind, Mars belongs to mankind, victory The great will and all the power belonging to all mankind.
Finally, I congratulate you again for your physical and mental health, doing all kinds of strict protection and your own health, and a happy New Year.

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